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“This is the time to be Wholly Human, Embrace all Levels of Being in the Ever Present Now”

Is Enlightenment Possible

Even at the beginning of recorded history we can see that people believed they were not just a physical body.  

The ancient Egyptians talked of Ba (body), Akh (soul), Ka (vital spark),  jb (heart), rn (name). Every culture tries to lay down the components that make us human.

This section gives a summary of these descriptions of human experience and ponders why they are often divided into seven levels. We then try to make a sensible summary of the levels of awareness that have been described over time.

The Hard Bit develops our sevenfold model. We discuss how complex systems control their functions and how information exchange is crucial to this.

If you think cybernetics and set theory unnecessary to explain awareness or that it is impossible to build a physics of enlightenment, you can go straight to the Interesting Bit, but persevere and you will discover that the emerging model presents an ordered way of looking at human awareness that includes experiences considered psychic, mystical or enlightened.

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Does our model of human awareness have predictive value? Is this just some abstract theory or is it grounded in actual experience?

Can we use it to explain how we live and behave across all circumstances?

You can say that psychic or mystical experiences aren’t ‘real’, but people still have them. They can have profound effects on people’s lives and outlook. How can that be? Can we explain strange phenomena such as Hypnotism and Healing and learn to use them to benefit all?

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